The Value of Human-Centered Leadership – Arden Krystal, MHA, CHE

Arden Krystal, MHA, CHE, is the president and chief executive officer of Southlake Regional Health Centre in Ontario, CAN. For Ms. Krystal, human-centered leadership (leading people with humanity) is an imperative for healthcare providers competing for a shrinking pool of qualified talent from a generation with an entirely different outlook on personal fulfillment at work.

In this episode of the Caring Greatly podcast, Ms. Krystal and I discuss the challenges female leaders face when they try to take a human-centered approach to leadership, as well as the benefits to the system when leaders and team members alike are empowered to bring their full humanity to work.

We end with the notion that respect for your workforce means having the courage to not write policies designed to contain bad actors, but rather challenging your leaders to think in principles that empower the majority of dedicated team members without resorting to rules and regulations.