Vocera: St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH), committed more than a decade ago to two key initiatives designed to raise its standard of patient care: Their care providers would spend 80% of their time actually caring for patients, and every patient entering the emergency department (ED), that was determined to need to be admitted, would be admitted within 60 minutes. Reducing ED admit-to-bed time to 60 minutes requires that patient rooms be cleaned and readied promptly--and that everyone involved in the process knows the status of rooms, without having to spend time tracking down that information.

To achieve their objectives STEGH researched and implemented new workflow process and technology. STEGH replaced its overhead paging system with Vocera Voice and integrated Vocera with other technologies at the hospital, notably the Medworxx Bed Board bed optimization system (BOS). The BOS provides a data repository and graphical representation of all the beds in a hospital unit, and the status of those beds allowing rooms to be turned faster there by getting patients admitted faster.